Sunday, 24 February 2008

Can capitalism work? Discussion on TES website

From a discussion on the TES website.

Since the corporate fat cats and their ideologues proclaimed "the end of history" they have had virtually undisputed sway over the world. They can no longer blame "the dirty commies" for everything which goes wrong. With such extensive power they have built into their very foundations all the combustible material on the planet. As Trotsky predicted they would in fact.

We do not have a system of entrepreneurs taking risks and building up small businesses in a free environment. Massive corporations have budgets larger than many nation states and wield power over governments.

Do you trust these rich bastards to tackle climate change or the environmental consequences of their greed or would you agree with Jack London: "you cannot evade the charge that your class has mismanaged. You will talk about other things and things connected with other things but you will not answer that central charge."

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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Hypocrisy over Cuba


The Americans want free elections in Cuba and they are sending over Jeb Bush and the Florida Republican Guard to supervise them.

(Two jokes for the price of one)

Friday, 8 February 2008

Woodard Corporation ignores parents and teachers

150 to 200 parents and teachers crammed into Worthing Assembly Hall on Thursday to discuss the proposed academies at three schools - Boundstone, King's Manor and Littlehampton.

The Local Authority had the good manners to send a spokesman who was listened to in polite silence.

Woodard Corporation - the power behind the academy bid - contemptuously refused to send anybody to talk to parents and teachers. That exemplifies their high and mighty approach and is the reason parents and teachers are up in arms.

Friday, 1 February 2008

The good old days!

This is a first class post from the TES answering someone complaining that degrees are much easier than in the old days:

Yes. of course your degree was harder to get than anyones these days.

It's so much easier now. I heard of a kid who got a degree in David Cameron studies and all he had to do was text an essay in to radio 1 and he got a first. my mates BTEC in bricklaying now entitles him to a chair in classics at Cambridge university.

These days kids can take the internet in to their exams, and their parents probably. Not that they have to do exams anymore. Not like when i had to do ten fourteen hour exams in Latin Algebra and we weren't even allowed pens to write with. I had to do so much writing my arms literally fell off, literally. and everyone else's did too and if they didn't then you only got a third - but that's the equivalent of a phd today anyway.

You can do xbox studies these days - all you have to do is get to level four of crash bandicoot and they make you emeritus professor. they're giving degrees away in the streets now you just have to walk down the street and they'll give you a degree in Britney Spears studies.

I'm outraged, it's terrible any student getting a degree today should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves - they're all worthless and this is my favourite subject because it allows me to tell bull**** anecdotes about how someone I knew only turned up twice a year and still got his degree whereas I had twenty seven hours of lectures a day for nine days a week and i still only got a third because that was the highest classification they used to give out.

I particularly love telling young people that I worked harder than them and that their efforts are wasted.

I hate the idea that other people can be successful.